La sixième édition de l’Open CIO Summit se tiendra à la Mairie du 4ème arrondissement de Paris de 16h00 à 19h00.
L’accès se fait au 2, Place Baudoyer - Paris 4ème.

Companies need to take back control too !

Almost all companies are facing the challenges of the digital revolution, among which competition from all sides, shorter time to market needs and constantly evolving technology are the main issues. 

In the transformation they must undertake, Free and Open Source People and Software will be key assets. 

If you suspect companies to be interested mainly in the low cost of FLOSS solutions, you’re wrong. 

We’re here because FLOSS solutions provide us with higher "degrees of freedom" than traditional software : we are able to rely on a dynamic ecosystem rather than on the good will of a single editor, and we can get away from editors wishing to “milk” more money from us each passing year. 
We’re here because FLOSS people provide us with more agility and technological mastery than conventional employees : we want to benefit from an attractive and valuable pool of motivated individuals, that are often open-minded, curious and skillful. After years of focus on sales and marketing, we need to bring back engineering and technical excellence to guide us through our clouded futures. 

Last but not least, we’re here because we want to engage in sustainable relationships with our customers and we won’t be able to achieve that by keeping all the value out of their data : we want a just sharing of value, respect and protection of customer’s private life, and even open relationships rather than binding chains in a truly open Vendor Relationship Management, rather than simple Customer Relationship Management. That’s why we are happy with OWF2014 focus on privacy. 

So come and see for yourself. I’m confident that you’ll find something valuable and useful for your business during this edition. 

Hubert Tournier  

VP Users

Open CIO Summit par Véronique TORNER, Co-Présidente d’Alter Way et Présidente de l’Open CIO Summit.

Interview de Véronique Torner, Co-Présidente d’Alter Way et Présidente de l’Open CIO Summit, réalisée par le JDN.